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Video work exhibited in Slovakia

Excited to see my image from video work 'Salt Lake' being used for the promotional material. Read below for all the exhibition information...

'Involving Immersion'

Venue: Kunsthalle / Košice Art Hall, Slovakia

Rumanova 1

Thursday - 13. 08. 2020 - Saturday - 29. 08. 2020 - 11:00 - 18:00

Summer in Košice's Kunsthalle / Hall of Art will once again be "marked" by quality contemporary art. Within the exhibition format Creative Playgrounds, which is focused on various forms of multimedia art, various foreign and domestic authors will present their work. "Creative playgrounds" will offer four separate exhibitions, which combine not only the attitude and behavior of the artist of the post-Internet era, but also a creative view of media and technology and their impact on today's globalized society. The expositions of individual exhibitions will be open on August 13, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. At the same time, we invite you to the author's guided tours, which will be from 16:00. The "creative playgrounds" will be open until 29 August 2020.

About the exhibition:

'INVOLVING IMMERSION' Artists: Pepe Beas (AR), Anton Čierny (SK), Josef Dabernig (AT), Oto Hudec (SK), Weronika Izdebska (PL), Endre Koronczi (HU), Šárka Koudelová (CZ), Zuzana Križalkovičová (SK), Sajan Mani (IN), Myriam Moreno Martinez (ES), Elena Mazzi & Sara Tirelli (IT), Svetlana Spirina (RU), Vanessa White (AU) Curator: Katarína Balúnová The title of the exhibition refers to the specific space of the Kunsthalle as a former swimming pool building and at the same time to one of the current tendencies to get closer to nature - 'forest bathing'. The central theme of the international set of art videos and films is body and nature. In their audiovisual works, artists record personal or shared bodily experience, physical contact and even immersion in nature. The body and nature are represented by a different approach, from a documentary record to an intimate statement. In the introductory video, we immerse ourselves together with the artist Endre Koronczi into the waters of the Ploubuter Park National Park, which has become an experimental place for his work. The author draws attention to the environmental issues through the absurd installations made of transparent plastics. Also in the case of the videos by Anton Čierny and Otto Hudec, the artist's entry into the country points to the consequences of the impact of human activity in the broader context of political and environmental contexts. Through music, Oto Hudec creates a dialogue with the majestic but every year smaller Adishi Glacier. Anton Čierny's video is an intimate memory through which the author deals with current social problems such as the economization of the country and its drastic change based on political interests. Josef Dabernig's film presents a landscape disrupted by industrialization, the intersection of a river and cement blocks with fragmentary body images. The documentary quality of the film material avoids the aesthetization, it wants to be a section of everyday reality in its unadulterated form. The documentary material appears also in the work of the author duo Elena Mazzi & Sara Tirelli, which depict the ever-changing geographical and morphological structure of Etna through a fictional character who becomes a thread of the narrative structure of the video. The movement of the body in the country as a metaphor for the process of navigation in the field of emotions is the subject of video works by both Vanessa White and the artist Pepe Beas, whose voyage in a frozen river is a journey into the spiritual depths of the human soul. For Myriam Moreno Martinez, the body itself is an integral part of nature. In her work, the author seeks her own identity within feminist-spiritual concepts. The effort to erase physical boundaries and merge the body with nature, in this case by immersion in the stream of digital emotions, is found in the work of Svetlana Spirina. The body as a tool that changes meaning within different concepts is the domain of the performative artist Sajan Mani. The shore is becoming a specific space that raises questions about immigration, transnationalism, borders and identity. Video works of Weronika Izdebská and Zuzana Križalkovičová will take us to the cold countries of Iceland and Finland. While Weronika Izdebská prefers a poetic narration of body and nature, Zuzana

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