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  • Vanessa White

INSHADOW - Lisbon Portugal screen dance festival

DANCE VIDEO Soils INSTALLATION 2 to 15 Dec. 2 pm to 8 pm (Monday to Friday)> Espaço Cultural Mercês

__ A video-dance collection, in a total of 25 films from 12 countries, in loop, centered on the theme of choreographic soil. A glimpse of the current panorama of the genre in its most diverse valences - a selection of different but complementary films, based on different cinematographic thoughts, reframed under the logic of a common theme. In between, the session allows for small disruptive notes - solos that unfold in duets and multiple creations crystallized in the singular - that question and reconfigure its very essence. The Woman , Monika Field (USA) Nocturna , Ángel Montero (ES) Ophelia , Hadi Moussally (FR) Nilynda , Jill Crovisier (LU) "What if... " , Joanna McNamara (USA) AKA , Dorothée Murail (FR) Golden , Kate Mitchell (USA) Sepia , Alma Karvat Shemesh, Gabriel Schnieder (IL) Strange Birds , Helena Franzén, Håkan Jelk, Jelk / Franzén (SE) Reversals , Pauliina Salminen (FR) in the void , Alicia Ross (USA) Lorelei - Shadow , Gustavo Gomes (BR) Can you count to 100? , Daphna Mero (IL) Terschelling , Anne Le Batard (FR) Fading , Mike Esperanza (USA) The Picture of Dorian Gray - 15min, marc elsner, (DE) Paper Nautilus , Robin Bisio (USA) My Own Worst Enemy , Harrie Verbeek, Jelena Kostić (NL) Fallow Table , Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy, Luca Truffarelli (IE) Florentis , Ruth Way (UK) Pink Lake , Vanessa White (AU) One Two Tree , Victoria Donnet (FR) Dreamer , Marcos Vedovetto (USA) Tierra y fuego , Tellier Dominique, (FR) Tripolar , Cristina Hall, Daniel N. Buxton (ES)

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